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  Euro India Mortgages - Objectives

The Euro India Mortgage forum is a live forum made up of the best mortgage and finance minds across Europe and India. The forum is designed to help mortgage practitioners keep abreast with what is happening in Europe in parlance with the mortgage industry. The venues for the yearly meetings are rotated in various cities and countries. The objectives of the forum according to the organization's charter include five main points.

To help establish trade rules and acceptable practice is most likely one of the most important objectives of the Euro India Mortgage Forum. Proper rules of conduct are decided upon and used to regulate the mortgage practice of the industry. It is also used to keep out fakes and unqualified mortgage practitioners.

The Euro India Mortgage forum also helps members cross exchange mortgage ideas and practices across countries and economies. The members of the Euro India Mortgage forum articulate and share ideas on new packages designed to further meet customer needs and demands. Members thus exchange ideas, thoughts and information on mortgage products and customer preferences.

The Euro India forum also seeks to establish trade possibilities and opportunities for members to benefit from the emerging single Euro market economy. Members are always seeking ways to reduce the national border lines so as to be able to better cut across national boundaries.

The forum is committed to protecting and promoting the rights of its individual members. The forum also helps by providing cost to cover legal counsel when any of its honorable members are wrongly accused of inappropriate financial conduct. Members can also draw and benefit from the forum's collective resources.

The Euro India Mortgage forum also helps to settle disputes between members, if and when it does arrive. The forum also sanitizes the industry by expelling any member found to fall short of its rules and advising the public of such action.