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  Euro India Mortgage Forum-Methodology

The Euro India Forum presently has about 312 member scattered across Europe and India. The forum meets once a year to discuss important issues pertaining to the mortgage industry. Asides from its yearly meeting, members can interact through an interactive online forum website open to members only. The forum is run by a president and a team of four board members. The four other members of the executive board are all chairmen of four different sub boards or committees within the forum.

The planning committee is in charge of preparing for the annual general forum meeting, arranging for venue, accommodation, press conferences and communicating with members about upcoming meetings. The planning committee in conjunction with the executive board also arranges the agenda for the annual meetings.

The disciplinary committee looks into cases of alleged reports of wrongdoing and forwards recommendations to the executive board. The disciplinary committee also is in charge of disputes within members of the forum.

The welfare committee looks into any problems faced by its members. It helps with legal issues. The welfare committee also screens new members that have been referred by other members.

The finance and budget committee audits the forums account and also draws up the yearly budget in conjunction with the executive board.

Elections for the post of the president are conducted every two years. The president is not allowed to rerun consecutively. The president can only run again after at least another term has been served by another after his/her last term of office. Presidential nominees are drawn from names submitted by members of the Euro India trade Forum. The top five nominees would vie for the post of the president in the general annual forum meeting. Elections for the post of the other committee chairmen and committee member positions are conducted yearly and by mail voting online at the forum. A special ad-hoc election committee is always set up to conduct elections.

New members will have to write a letter of application signifying interest and desire to join the forum. Such intending members must have at least 10 years active experience in the mortgage industry. The person would have to be recommended by an existing member. The welfare committee would ratify the application and forward a recommendation to the executive board. Application must be at least 2 months before annual meetings.