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  Euro India Mortgage Forum-Events for Upcoming Annual Meeting

This year's annual general meeting of the Euro India Mortgage Forum holds in the beautiful hotel grounds of the Sheraton Stockholm Hotel in Stockholm Sweden. The event would last for two days.

The day before the actual commencement of the forum is reserved for arrival and bookings. Members are to report to the planning committee desk on arrival, go through accreditation and then check into their rooms. An informal dinner is reserved later that evening during which a member of the executive board will give an informal welcome speech.

By noon the next day, after breakfast the president will give the formal official welcome address. At this stage the agenda of the meeting will be read and approved. After the state of the organization has been read, new members will be sworn in and then handed their constitution gowns and booklets. The first of the slated four lectures on Reversed Mortgages will be given just before close of the first day's session. A formal black tie dinner/honor ceremony will be held later that evening to allow members to interact. Honorary recognition will be given to some members and non-members of the forum. Non-member honorary recipients will receive Honorary Associated Friendship status of the Euro India Mortgage forum for their recognized efforts and contributions in the mortgage industry. Members to be honored will receive Advanced Gold Practitioner status, also for their contributions and works in the field of mortgage and finance.

The second official day of the Euro India forum annual meeting with feature the remaining three speakers on three lectures all pertaining to various aspects of this year's meeting theme; Reverse Mortgage; History, Strengths and Strategies. A pre session education guide and faq's booklet will handed out prior to the lectures. The first two lectures will be followed by lunch and short recess. After lunch and recess, the last speaker will give the concluding speech on the last of the reverse mortgage lecture series. The president of the Euro India Mortgage Forum will finally close the meeting with the annual president's speech. That evening will host a farewell dinner party for members and friends with live performances by some notable performers.