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  Euro India Mortgage Forum-Reverse Mortgage Discussion

The usual tradition with the Euro India Mortgage Forum meetings is that there is usually a paramount theme on discussion. The topic is usually on relevant and recent happenings in the mortgage industry. Members are helped to better understand mortgage concepts and packages. Helped to see them from a wider perspective and learn useful tips from seasoned speakers.

The main theme for this year's annual general meeting of the Euro India Forum is Reverse Mortgage; History, Strengths and Strategies. There would be four speakers who would address this topic from different angles. The first speaker will provide general information about reverse mortgage packages. Tracing a route from its inceptions, highlighting its various metamorphic stages, both subtle and major that it has under gone and how it is at present in theory. He will also expand into the disadvantages and pitfalls of reverse mortgages. As well as the numberous myths and misconceptions that are found in this industry.

The second speaker will address the issue of the similarities and differences between the concepts of reverse mortgage as it is actually practiced in various countries. This speaker will speak on how and when the concept of reverse mortgages was started and embraced in various European economies stressing on the uniqueness of various reverse mortgage packages and plans of different countries such as Canada and Australia.

The third speaker will highlight on how to adapt the various types of reverse mortgages. The speech would elaborate on the private proprietary reverse mortgages vs. the USA government backed hecm reverse mortgage loans. The speaker will also seek to strategize on how reverse mortgage packages can better be adapted to suit the demands of the future and how it could be made more competitive.

The final speaker would talk all about the tools, such as seminars about reverse mortgage products and counseling by approved counselors. The aim is to stress what worked where and how it can be adapted at other places. This speaker helps to make the mortgage broker more competitive.